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Lauren London HairWe know that getting hair extensions is a very popular thing in the United States, but we didn’t realize how big they were in Canada. Especially in Edmonton & Calgary. Apparently these two places contain more interested women than Toronto. When we think about hair extensions, we generally only consider places like the United States, Jamaica, and maybe even the United Kingdom to be the most popular places. However, outside of Europe and the States is Alberta.

To anybody who lives outside of those two cities they would probably be just as startled as we are. Most of us consider hair extensions to be something that is used by mostly ethnic women. Although, it appears as though it is picking up among other races as well. This is definitely not a bad thing as it brightens the exposure to the style and increases sales across the province and the country. If you happen to work as an Edmonton dealer of hair extensions, then you never know just how much money you can actually make.

Real Human Extensions InfoFor many of us whether you live or own a hair extensions edmonton salon in Alberta or even somewhere else in the world, it is still very difficult to tell whether or not we’re buying real or fake virgin hair. Since there are so many people selling Virgin Remy, 100% real Virgin Remy etc, etc. You never really know if you getting something authentic or not.

Below is a brief explanation of some of the things you can look for when purchasing real virgin hair.

1. Virgin hair is never really one color throughout a bundle. It is usually a little bit darker at the root and then gradually gets lighter as it goes down towards the ends. If your hair is completely black, then there is a good chance that you do not have real virgin hair.

2. True virgin extensions do not get tangled after only one or two washes. Essentially your virgin hair should have all of the cuticles aligned and not stripped. This should help keep your hair from getting too tangled as long as you maintain it properly over the course of time that is on your head.

3. The Burn test. Have you ever mustered up the courage to grab a lighter and start burning the ends of your hair? Well, we don’t mean your own hair. What we mean is taking your virgin extensions and burning the ends to see if they turn white and flake away or turn black and crumble up. If your hair turns white and flakes away that means that it’s real otherwise you’re dealing with fake hair.

For more information on how to determine if what you are purchasing is real, you should definitely make your way to the following website for further details.

Building Stabalizer Muscles With A Hands Free Segway?

YNext Generation Segway Hoverboardsou probably wouldn’t think that these handless hoverboard segways could be in any way beneficial to your health. I mean don’t get me wrong. Walking is ultimately one of the best things that you can do for your body. However, the next best thing before sitting down is definitely standing or using your stabilizer muscles for an extended period of time.

Sitting down essentially causes you to develop bad habits of posture over time. When you’re riding one of these self balancing scooters, you are essentially using your legs to propel yourself forward while balanced with the ground. If you’re not used to standing for long hours then you’re definitely going to feel a burn in your legs while you’re riding.

We see this as an excellent indicator of your body working the muscles that you tend to forget about. They are also muscles that are not usually stimulated, especially when you are sitting down for an eight hour work shift. If you’re like me and most of my friends, then you probably consider sitting down evil and probably want to stay as far away from it outside of the workplace as possible.

Scooter RidingAfter observing the many videos online of people having fun on these boards, I figured why not pick one up for myself and see just how well they actually move. Not only was it my goal to see how well they navigated, but I also wanted to know just how much of a workout it gave your legs. Contrary to my initial belief, these hoverboard hands-free segway units actually do provide some serious burn in your legs especially if you’re not used to riding them.

Although still in the early stages of acquiring this board, I’ve yet to see the long-term benefits of its use. I may be wasting my time here, but if it provides even the slightest benefit for chronic pain sufferers then it’s time well wasted šŸ™‚

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Alternative Medicine in Alaska

Posture Adjustment Timeline InfoThe first time I ever set foot in Alaska was for a skiing trip. Prior to this event I haven’t really gone skiing in a very long time. So I was a little bit rusty when I hit the slopes. After just only half a day, I suffered a pretty bad injury landing on my already injured back. I had about 2 weeks remaining in Anchorage Alaska and wanted to make sure that I could somehow reap the benefits for the remainder of my trip.

A friend of mine mentioned taking a look at some of the alternative healing practices that are available throughout Anchorage. As per their experience, they showed me just how many acupuncture, rolfing and any other type of unconventional healing clinics you could think of available in the city. For such a small town you wouldn’t think that there were so many practices available but I wasn’t going to complain.

That evening I scheduled my appointment and took a nap for the rest of the night. Once the next morning came, my friend drove me to the Anchorage AK Rolfing Clinic where I was treated. After the first four sessions I noticed a tremendous difference. We did a modified version of the 10 series condensing it down to just 5 however the effect that I felt were unbelievable. I had not had so much range of motion in my arms and legs in so long. Plus, I felt taller and my back pain it wasn’t completely gone but was nowhere near as painful when I first started.

Many people don’t really believe in the power of healing without medicine or surgery. You almost have to experience it for yourself in order to truly understand the benefits. It was the same for me when I experienced acupuncture. I couldn’t believe how much change just a few needles could do to the functionality of my body.

Get more information about these types of healing methods and how they can benefit you short term and long term if done correctly.

Certified RolfingĀ® San Jose, CA Practitioners

Alignment AdjustmentAwareness is beginning to spread among individuals looking for alternative ways to attack their chronic injuries and nagging pains. Not only can surgeries to your back cause long term scarring. It also isn’t always a guaranteed solution to your problem. For example, I know quite a few people who have had surgery for their carpal tunnel pain, although still seem to have some type of discomfort even after the surgery. The last thing you want is to have to keep going back for more treatments and surgery down the road just to maintain your problem.

The costs of surgery alone can become quite expensive. It can definitely add up overtime and end up costing you much more money than you expected. In San Jose there are quite a few different alternative medical practices and that are available. We have noticed an increase of people searching for rolfingĀ® throughout the area alongside other forms of healing. Which we genuinely feel is a great thing.

If surgery is something you’re looking to steer away from in the near future, then why not do a little bit of research on what structural integration / rolfing is all about. Finding a qualified rolfingĀ® SI practitioner in San Jose California does not need to be hard. Especially if you get on the phone within your local area and make some phone calls.

Reading reviews is also an excellent way to decipher whether or not a rolfer is right for you. As long as you are finding reputable sources, you should be able to locate a professional practice within your area.

For more information on whether or not this type of treatment will heal your problems, see the links below for a great place to begin learning.

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